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Grand Ambitions For A Grand State

If you're anything like us, you appreciate the finer things in life. The kinds of things that don't yield themselves without at least a little bit of a challenge. Like seizing the opportunity to call the beautiful ski town of Girdwood, Alaska home. Or owning the state's premier cannabis nursery, edibles and concentrates manufacturing operation, and retail shops.

We started Turnagain Herb Co (THCo) because we wanted both. And because we truly value cannabis as one of the finer things in life. We knew we could provide a quality product at a great price to all who pop in for a visit: Businessmen and Women. Bikers. Musicians. Regular Joes. Average Janes. We love you all, and we do our best to pair each of you with the right experience for your particular needs. Simply put, we want the 49th state to be Number One in cannabis.

Wholesale operations will begin this fall, with retail shops opening in the fall and winter. We hope you'll take your turn (and turn again, and turn again...) with us soon.
DARBY 'DRB' ANDREWS, THCo. Executive Chef. Did we say "Executive Chef"? Maybe "Director of Compassion, Outreach, and Edibles Program" would be more like it. You see, Darby is of a class unto his own.

After serving a 10-month tour of duty during Operation Desert Storm, he devoted himself to the cause of reducing human suffering —in more ways than one. First, he became a long-standing active member with Veterans Affairs, helping his fellow soldiers to reintegrate into civilian society. Second, he co-founded The Alaska Green Angels Network: A medical cannabis non-profit. Third, he founded Girdwood's Thunderfoot Glass Studios where he blows glass, creates timeless pieces of art, and teaches his craft to those who might be interested in learning. And, oh yeah, he's a damned good Executive Chef. One who most definitely cooks with love.

To say Darby is an Alaskan hero of the people —and of cannabis advocacy —would be an understatement. His countless efforts have helped people tremendously over the years which is why it is our honor to have him as part of the THCo team.

Darby is currently overseeing the product development and production of a comprehensive line of edibles. Soon to be released under the DrB ("Darby") brand, we couldn't be more excited to be about to offer them to you. The DrB line, along with his glass products, will be sold at all THCo retail locations, in Anchorage and Girdwood. DrB products will also be featured at other leading cannabis retailers throughout Alaska, so keep your eyes peeled for our distinctive "DrB molecule" and "DrB icon" packaging on the shelves.

Take a look at our award-winning selection

Holy F$$K

A THCo original. Holy F$$k was dubbed as such by one of the first people to smoke it, who, after packing the bowl and lighting it up, commenced to reach a high only describable by this heavenly sinful term.

Lemon Sour Diesel(LSD)

A little bit citrus, a little bit skunk. LSD from Green Lantern Seeds is laid back, but with enough torque behind the tang to kick things into a euphoric gear you'll want to ride into the distance.

Critical Mass CBD

An Indica-dominant high (mellow and happy) from our friends at Dinafem Seeds. This strain is an interesting mashup of Dinafem's own "Critical Mass" (known for its dense buds) and an undisclosed strain from CBD Crew.


AWW Snaps

Ever listened to "Dark Side Of The Moon" while munchin' on gluten-free vegan ginger snap cookies? Maybe you oughta give THESE a try.

Giggle Bursts

We mix tangy naturally-flavored hard candy with a dollop 'o THC goodness to help give you an abs workout you'll actually enjoy.


We'd love to work with you to provide any of our complete line of flower, edible, and concentrate products. All will be competitively priced and can be delivered straight to you as soon as we begin operations this August. Stay tuned for more information.


In addition to our competitive and convenient business model, you won't find many other operations with our attention to quality. Our flower strains feature some of the most advanced genetics available anywhere in the world. Our exclusive DrB branded edibles line is being developed by Darby Andrews, a leader in the pro-cannabis movement in Alaska for over 10 years. Our oils and concentrates all begin with contaminate-free and pesticide-free flower and utilize the most natural CO2 extraction processes possible.

The THCoº Team

Leading The Way To Higher Ground

As a classically trained chef and sommelier, Seth has run Four Diamond and nationally acclaimed restaurants at resorts in cities around the United States. He will ensure you have the same personally-tailored, high quality experience whenever you visit THCo.
Seth Molen
A carpenter by trade. The consummate outdoorsman by heart. And a firm believer in the healing power of holistic medical cannabis use by experience (he was brought back from the brink of death by Darby during a bout with spinal meningitis).
Greg Hugunin
"DRB" to friends, Darby's resume is almost as impressive as his jovial personality: Veteran. Cannabis activist. Renowned glass artist. And chef, delivering the most delicious (both flavorfully and experientially) batches of edibles this side of the Bering Strait.
Darby Andrews
Executive Chef

It takes great people to provide the best cannabis. So please get in touch. We’d love to chat.

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